Kitana Hammer
На честном слове и на одном крыле | Коли ты князь, собирай полки, выйди на свет, подыми хоругви.
Вчера пыталась найти перевод последней страницы загранпаспорта - честное слово, бессмысленная работа переводить эту бредомуть. Не нашла. Зато нашла кучу злых комментариев - мол, переводите сами и не ищите халявы. Знаете что, господа жмоты? Вот вам. Перевела сама, как сумела, и выкладываю в относительно открытый доступ. Пусть это сэкономит кому-нибудь полчаса времени в тяжёлый момент. Если кто найдёт лажу - пишите, исправлю.

For the passport holder

1. During the period of validity the passport proves the identity of a citizen of the Russian Federation when leaving the Russian Federation, staying outside the Russian Federation territory and entering the Russian Federation.
All the unauthorized alterations introduced herein make the passport invalid, and it then shall be due recalling according to the procedure set by the federal law.
2. The passport holder shall sign on the third page, except for the cases when physically incapable to do so.
3. The passport can be used only by the person whose metric data and photography are displayed on the second page of the document.
Introduction of the data on the children to the parent’s passport does not give a child the right
to travel outside the Russian Federation without a document, proving the identity of the citizen of the Russian Federation outside the Russian Federation territory.
4. Passport exchange shall be performed in the cases and according to the procedures set by the federal law.
5. In case of the passport’s loss the passport holder shall immediately apply to the nearest internal affairs body or diplomatic mission, consular office outside the Russian Federation.
6. Except for the cases set forth by the legislation of the Russian Federation, the passport shall be kept by its holder.
7. The passport holder’s responsibilities are the proceedings to obtain foreign visas and compliance with the immigration requirements of the other countries.
8. The citizen of the Russian Federation staying outside the Russian Federation may register st the diplomatic mission or consular office of the Russian Federation.

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